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2D side-scroller action platformer metroidvania RPG.

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About this game

Toziuha Night is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with features of a Metroidvania RPG. Travel through different non-linear maps set in a dark fantasy world; such as a gloomy forest, demon-infested dungeons, a ruined village and more!

Play as Xandria, a beautiful and skilled alchemist who, using an iron whip, fights against the most fearsome demons and other alchemists seeking to obtain a millenary power. To accomplish her mission, Xandria will use various chemical elements to perform powerful attacks and spells.


  • Retro pixelart style as a tribute to 32-bit consoles.
  • Play without internet connection (offline game).
  • Anime/Gothic style characters.
  • Compatible with gamepads (even generic gamepads with an extra configuration).
  • Fully customizable touch controls on mobile devices.
  • Open source videogame made with open source engine (Godot Engine).

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Contact with developer

If you are a youtuber/streamer/reviewer, someone who requires a download key for any platform, or want to report bugs, opinions or talk business, you can contact me (Danny Garay) on discord, facebook, twitter (social networks at the top of the page) or send me an email:

dannygaray60 (at)

Release date: Q4 2024

Demo is available only for PC & Android. iOS/Switch ports planned in the future.

Athos Abbey Trailer

Aridiah & Tahuatepet Trailer

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