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2D Metroidvania Windows, Linux, Android


Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge

2D Classicvania side-scroller action platformer retro. Windows, Linux, Android, Nintendo Switch, Apple

Toziuha Night: Order of the Alchemists [in development]

2D side-scroller action platformer metroidvania RPG. Windows, Linux, Android, Nintendo Switch, Apple Playstore

Coming soon for Nintendo Switch & Apple!

Upbeat Melody Project

A Free Anime Rhythm Game!. Windows, Linux, Android


This is the story of a couple in love, at the end of the world. Windows

Satanya's Adventure - All you need is melonpan

An casual game with a moe demon girl. Windows, Linux, Android

Club de Detectives - Caso 01

Novela visual de comedia y misterio. Windows, Linux, Android

Apps / Tools

FunEmuStation Launcher - Frontend Emulation

A simple but elegant launcher for emulators and pc games. Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Localization Editor (Translation Tool)

Edit, add and erase translations from CSV files. Windows, Linux.

Game Levels Blueprint

Create a blueprint to organize interconnected levels of a godot game. Godot Engine addon.

About me

Hi, I'm Danny Garay, 26 years old. I live in Nicaragua. I like video games, anime and also reading.

I'm an unemployed systems engineer programming games from home. I use "Godot Engine" as my main game engine, although I have also used "Renpy" for visual novels.

I also have knowledge about graphic design, web programming (php) and drawing from time to time.

Toziuha Night

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